Recording Tips

Recording can be a lot of fun, but can become tedious and sometimes costly due to simple things. If you’ve never recorded or if this is the first time at a recording studio, Troubador Music offers some helpful tips:

Practice First!!!! Please, please have your material polished before you come in. This is the most common problem in recording. If you’re not ready reschedule.

Have a plan. Ease into your recording project. Take an easy song first then work up to those more difficult pieces. Have things mapped out so each person in your group knows how you’re going to lay everything down.

Have good operating equipment. If you’ve had any problems with any of your equipment prior to the recording, it will let you down when you start to record. Get things repaired or a maintenance check up prior to your session. Make sure you have changed out:

– Strings
– Reeds
– Drumheads
– Extra Picks
– Drumsticks

Make a list of all the gear you’ll need for the session. We have extra things here at the studio, but there is no guarantee we will have what you need when you get here.

Get a good nights sleep. Come in rested, refreshed and excited about your session. We’re about to record your musical history.

Stay Calm. Sometimes things don’t go without a hitch. Maybe one of your band members is having a hard time nailing a part. Encourage, encourage. Don’t lose the energy.

Keep outside people at a minimum at your session. Having all your family or friends at a recording session can be a real distraction. Have them wait for the finished product.

Be focused, but have fun. The recording process is a great experience.

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