Private Instruction

dsc_0006-version-2Private instruction is where you will learn the nuts and bolts of your instrument. Each lesson has a purpose and builds upon each other. We have a fun systematic approach to get you up playing as soon as possible. In your private lesson you learn:

– Important Rudimentary Basics (No fillers but important information and exercises to make you a strong player).
– Each lesson is tailored to you, keeping your goals in mind. Challenging you while moving you ahead at your own pace.
– We have an extensive library of sheet music and audio tracks. We also have computer- assisted programs such as music slowdown programs and backing tracks that you get to use in your lesson. *
– Theory so you understand the music language
– Improvisation (Soloing, an important part if your going to play out in public)
– Styles (rock, blues, country, RnB to jazz) it’s all important. We will teach you the techniques to get you sounding like your favorite players or groups.
– We love to teach you music through the songs you want to play. Our goal is to get you playing, not learning how to take lessons. It takes a lot of work, but we show you ways to actually enjoy your practice time challenges and rewards.
dsc_0524-version-2Whether your goal is to play in one of our student bands or, just to entertain yourself or your friends, Troubador Music can help you achieve your goals.

Note: Some of the music software will need to be purchased by the student through third party companies if you want to use it in your practice.


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