Master Classes

At Troubador Music we are always seeking out new ways and ideas to help you in your musical education. One of these ways is to bring in local artists to teach a special style or technique. Sometimes it’s one of our own staff teaching performance or other techniques. Our classes are very interactive and bringing your instrument is highly encouraged. Some classes are in a lecture format gaining knowledge such as effects board construction. Here are some examples of what we’ve done and things to come:

– Blues clinic with Dallas artist Tommy Katona.
– Song writing Clinic with Dallas song writer Annie Benjamin
– Blues Vocal Clinic
– Drum Line/Snare Drum Technique
– Basic drum styles you need to know to gig
– Scales/Chords/Modes/ and how to use them
– The art of building your own guitar
– Guitar maintenance
– How to change out your strings
– Pedal Board Construction/Pedal Placement

Master Class prices vary from artist to artist, class to class. Check out this page for upcoming classes and pricing, and to reserve your space.

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